The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 10 - How do I staff IT?

If you work for First Gigantic Bank, you may have a thousand IT people to manage the compute environment. If you’re not that big, how do you staff IT? One of the first things you learn leaving business school is that small to midsize companies are not simply scaled down versions of big enterprises. This is apparent in IT. Regular companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some depend heavily on their computers. Some handle private data that must be protected. They have laws or private industry regulations to meet. If you’re First Gigantic Bank, you staff this with a number of departments. Your first-level PC techs provide hands-on help. Your help desk and network operations center keep PCs, servers, and printers online and up to date. Your security operations center investigates suspicious traffic and possible intrusions. On the business side, your Business Analysts map the company needs to the computer systems that will deliver those needs. Project Managers push projects along to ensure timely and effective completion. On the security side, your Security Analysts analyze risks and decide how to address them. First Gigantic has European customers so you’ve appointed a Data Protection Officer who reports to your Chief Information Security Officer. All of these report to the Chief Information Officer who makes sure the bank is well managed and also well governed. What does this mean for a regular company? You may a lot of these same needs – but you have to get them a different way. This week, we’ll discuss what these people do, and how a small to midsize firm can get it all done without such an army. I’m Carter Edmonds with Twenty Creek. We solve IT challenges.

Episode #10 – 12/24/2018

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