The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 12 - What kind of IT technician do I need?

Sorry, uh, just needed to crawl under your desk there.  Your cable thingee had come loose.

So, what kind of IT technician do I need?

As we discussed yesterday, IT covers a wide range of skills.  If you’re lucky, you can find one person who can do it all.  A CIO who defines your IT strategy and fixes printers in between.  They do exist.

Otherwise, if you’re a small company, you’ve probably outsourced it all.  If you’re larger, you hire one or two IT people and use service providers to fill in the gaps.

Let’s start with the PC tech.  This is the person who comes by when I spill coffee on my keyboard or I can’t find the “any key.” These professional, courteous folks are the face of computer support.

Often it’s quicker to make a phone call to the help desk, since your PC tech may be busy in another office.  If the level-1 techs can’t solve it in a couple of minutes, they escalate it to more senior techs in the network operations center.

If security is a concern, you may a security operations center as well.

Career progression can be a challenge for the small to midsize firm, but it’s important if you’re planning to attract the best employees.  Your PC tech can have an entry-level certification such as CompTIA’s A+.  Senior techs have more experience and higher certifications.  Security certifications are tough but important.

In the next two videos, I’ll discuss the specialized skillsets for cybersecurity and also the skillsets for the business side of IT.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

Episode #12 – 12/26/2018

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