The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 14 - How do I staff IT management?

Well, I cut off my pony tail and bought a tie.  Now, I’m ready to be the CIO, your Chief Information Officer.  So how does the small to mid-size firm staff the management of IT?

This is a tricky area for the small to mid-size firm.  Sure, if you have a thousand employees, you can set up a traditional management hierarchy with a CIO, and managers, and worker bees, and somebody to fetch coffee.  If you’re watching this video, you’re lucky to have one, maybe two IT people, if that.

A regular company doesn’t have enough work to hire one printer person and one cybersecurity person and one CIO.  But, it’s hard to find one person to span the whole skillset.  It’s possible, but it’s tough.

Regardless of title, someone is responsible for making sure your IT investment supports the objectives of your firm.

  • Evaluate new technology – should we shut down our servers and move to the cloud?
  • Plan the roadmap and spending.
  • Identify risks and create a security plan.
  • Create policies.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Someone is doing that today – whether they know it or not.

    Again, it’s hard to find someone who can set your IT strategy and who also enjoys crawling under your desk to fix a cable.  They exist, but they’re hard to find.

    If you’re managing the firm, some of these responsibilities may fall on you.  If you’re not careful though, you’ll end up managing IT when you want to manage your business.

    I’m Carter Edmonds with 20 Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

    Episode #14 – 12/28/2018

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