The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 20 - What is Data Governance?

If there’s one topic in all of IT that I think can really transform your business, it’s Data Governance.

So why haven’t you heard of it?

Somewhere in corporate America, there’s a committee meeting going on.  The folks from the Snow Tire division are meeting with the folks from the Chainsaw division to see if they can share customer lists.

And you thought your job had slow days.

Regular businesses don’t have that problem, not exactly.  But you may have customer data stuck in people’s email.  Or privacy concerns that a bigger firewall won’t fix.

While Data Governance may be a big company concept, we can use its principles for regular companies too.

Data Governance means that somebody should be thinking about how you can use data, keep it safe, ensure it’s accurate, and to make sure it’s always in the hands of the people who need it.

In a big company, this means cross-site committees that meet to set policies and consume stale Danishes.

In a regular company, it means giving some thought to how data moves through your workflow.  The entire life cycle – from creation to destruction – inside and outside your company.

This week we’ll talk about the practical side of Data Governance.  How we can use it to deliver services more effectively and safely?

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

Episode #20- 1/7/2019

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