The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 21 - What is a Data Life Cycle?

When you change the way you think about data, you can change the way you think about your business.   So, what is the life cycle of data?

This week we’re talking about Data Governance which admittedly is a big company concept, but we’re going to steal a bunch of their ideas and their tools to make our regular companies grow big too.  [Show a vandal or thief]

Data has a life cycle.  From the time you create it to the time you destroy it, both inside and outside your company.  When you start to look at how data flows through your firm, you can find ways to use that data more safely and more effectively – you can get things done.  Improve your service delivery.  Good things happen.

Like so many things in IT, you have your choice of definitions – other people have thought about this before you and I did.  For today, let’s really simplify this.

Let’s start with the moment you create or capture that data.  Perhaps an email arrives.  Or maybe you create a document.

Now that you’ve created it, someone needs to use it.  It could be as simple as sending it to the people who need it.  Maybe it’s a work order or an invoice.  Or documents you’re filing with the court.

At some point, you’re done.  Now it’s time to store it for safe keeping.

Eventually, you’re don’t need it anymore.  It’s time to destroy it.

I’ve made this deliberately simple – and honestly a little bit stupid.  But here’s the point.  If you can describe what happens to your data at every step, you can build repeatable service delivery.  Create the right policies – purchase the right tools.

And if you know where the data is supposed to be, you can also tell where the data is not supposed to be.  Instead of just throwing it on the shared drive, you can start to put protections in place you were never able to before.

In the next two videos, we’ll talk about how to make sure the right people have your data and how to make sure the wrong people don’t.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20 Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

Episode #21- 1/8/2019

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