The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 22 - How do I make sure the right people have our data?

Data Governance has the potential to transform a business.  It makes sure the right people have good information to work with.  So, how do I make sure the right people have my data?

When you hear that your favorite social network shared your data with other companies, that’s a Data Governance question.  Now, everybody knows what I had for lunch and they have the pictures to prove it.

That’s fine for big companies, but how does it benefit a regular firm?

Let’s say an email comes in.  If it’s from a customer, you might want to attach it to their account.  If it’s a document, you might want to store it in a document management system.  Maybe a person has to do this – maybe your software handles it automatically.

Sure, you could throw it on the shared drive or leave it in your email folder, but that’s not effective.  You want to make sure the issue gets processed and your customer gets served.  You don’t want an email to sit in an inbox until an employee gets back from the dentist – or the beach.

If workflow is chaotic, the data flow is chaotic too.  And your business is chaotic.  Customers see this.  Instead, you’ll create policies, and processes, and tools so that your business works exactly the way it’s supposed to.  Customers see this too.

If the data is sensitive, you obviously want to keep it out of the wrong hands.  If you back these policies with the right tools, you can protect data in new ways.  We’ll talk about those tomorrow.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

Episode #22 – 1/9/2019

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