The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 25 – How do I create an IT roadmap?

Today, we head to the liquor store.  And create an IT roadmap.

(I knew this job would drive me to drink.)

Formal IT planning can be pretty intense.  It’s a staple of huge firms, but easily overlooked in regular companies.

So, let’s make this easy.  Let’s consider a small retail shop, in this case a liquor store.

Creating a Roadmap is a project.  Like any good project you need to identify your stakeholders.  You’re the owner.  Your clerks count.  Your customers may have a piece of this.  Suppliers.  Even your CPA.

As owner, you have a strategy and objectives.  Make money without getting an ulcer – streamline operations.  The clerks have more obvious needs.  Make the registers work.  Simplify inventory and ordering stock.

Be sure to look outside.  Are new technologies available?  Are competitors doing something that might leave you behind?  Are customers changing in some way?  Are the laws changing?

Examine and rank your risks like we talked about a couple of weeks ago.

Now make a wish list.  Some of your projects might be obvious.  We need new cash registers.  Some might be ambitious.  Connect our systems to the supplier to order stock automatically.  Consider benefits and risks.

Estimate costs.  Don’t forget training.  And remember, the time impact to employees may dwarf the actual cash you spend.

Decide how you’ll track your results.  Expect to make changes as results come in.

And finally, communicate, communicate, communicate.

In our next three videos, we’ll dig deeper into IT roadmaps.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

Episode #25 – 1/14/2019

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