The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 26 – How do I align the IT Roadmap with my Company Goals?

Every company is different.  Otherwise, they’d sell IT Roadmaps at Wal-Mart.  So, how do I align the IT Roadmap with my Company Goals?

IT can be just another cost center, but let’s assume you have goals for service delivery – removing the friction from customer transactions. Or you have needs for privacy and security.

IT can be your secret weapon.

In a giant firm, the Board defines the Big Picture.  We’ll call that Governance.  In a regular company, you’re lucky to have help emptying the wastebaskets, so you’re covering the big picture and the nuts and bolts.

As you think about your IT roadmap, management can give some thought to the stance of the firm.  How do you feel about technology, risk, efficiency, and effectiveness?  A strategic weapon or just another tool?

Take a look outside your company to see what could affect your firm.  More on this tomorrow.

People who use or interact with the system also have views.  Their interests may be completely transactional.  I want the machine to do the things I need to do my job.

As you gather the data, you’ll create a picture of where you want to be.  You’ll compare your Current Profile with your Target Profile.  You’ll identify gaps.  You’ll estimate the time and money required to close each gap – and whether it’s worth it.

If your appetite is larger than your capacity – and it probably is – you’ll need to prioritize or sequence the work.  There may be low-hanging fruit – 4 low-risk projects may beat one big bang.

And a final note:  if you have urgent concerns, you may need to address them long before you have a complete roadmap.  Look for our upcoming series on Triage.

In the next two videos, we’ll discuss how to consider external factors in creating an IT roadmap, and typical things to include in your roadmap.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

Episode #26 – 1/15/2019

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