The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 27 – How do external factors affect my IT Roadmap?

Okay, I’ve got my blinders on, so I can work on my IT roadmap.  Oh, but wait.  What external factors should I consider?

Obviously, you watch changes inside your company – is the business growing / shrinking / changing – but what about changes outside your business?

Forgetting about IT for a moment, I’d start by looking at customers, competitors, and suppliers.  Is anything going on there that needs attention?

  • Are customers flocking to that brand-new competitor that lets them track their service from start to finish?
  • Are new tools coming into the market that can enhance your offering…. or replace it?
  • Matched up against your own goals, you can have a pretty good vision of where you’re going and how IT can take you there.

    Think about regulations, and not just the government.  Are professional ethics starting to include due care with customer data?  Does your supply chain pass data integrity requirements down to suppliers?

    Think about the security landscape.  In the last couple of years, hackers turned from large enterprises to regular companies.  Decide what your security posture is and what it needs to be.  Depending on our business, the simple things may not be enough anymore.

    Finally, look at the types of hardware and software you’re using.  What’s reaching end of life? (Windows 7)  Are there any cloud services that might be safer, cheaper, more effective?

    At the end of all this, you’ll have a list of potential projects.  Remember to leave time to implement the ones you choose.  After all, you probably have a job that fully consumes you, even before you start looking at IT projects.

    Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the typical items to include in a roadmap.

    I’m Carter Edmonds with 20Creek.  We solve IT challenges.

    Episode #27 – 1/16/2019

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