The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 3 - How do I provide Security Awareness Training?

“How do I provide Security Awareness Training for our employees?”

Security Awareness Training is that role-based training you get to help you protect privacy and security. If you’ve ever sat through a class that talked about “strong passwords” or “clicking on emails,” that was a Security Awareness Training class.

Security Awareness Training also strives to create a Culture of Security Awareness – sounds like a blast.

There are a number of ways to do this and they don’t have to be painful. Some firms offer videos. Some offer interactive exercises. The good ones come with short quizzes so the employees don’t start the video and go grab coffee.

Live training is another option. It’s a little more expensive to have a live trainer come on-site, but a live trainer can answer questions. Even more importantly, a live trainer can go over policies and role-based concerns that are specific to your firm.

Good training programs include follow-up throughout the year. Your training firm may send fake phishing emails to see how many of your staff get tricked into replying. If needed, you can provide refreshers throughout the year.

Of course, “Awareness” is not the full story. In tomorrow’s video, I’ll discuss some additional training your management team may wish to take.

Episode #3 – 12/13/2018

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