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Episode 38 - How do I honor my customers’ privacy?

A band I liked in the 1970’s went back on tour.  I looked for tickets but they hadn’t announced the cities yet.  Two months later, a banner ad appeared offering tickets.  Creepy?  Maybe.  Useful.  Yes!  But who gets to make that decision?

I won’t name the band or you’ll think I’m a real geek.  The Strange Magic of seeing that banner ad…I Can’t Get It Out of My Head.

If we’re going to have an immersive and connected experience, we’re going to have a lot of personal and not so personal data out there.  If we shut it all down, the internet becomes a whole lot less useful.

On the other hand, a Facebook user in California once grabbed a picture of my youngest son as an example of a family of toothless, uneducated hicks.  Um.  We have all our teeth.

A privacy policy that drags on for 6 pages isn’t going to solve the problem.  What customers need are more granular controls about what they are allowed to do with your information.

As your firm takes a pro-privacy stance, you’ll work through your legal and your business requirements – what you’re required to do and required not to do, and all of the policy decisions between those rails.

You’ll want to give choices as data is collected.  And you’ll want to let them update their choices over time.  You’ll give choices about how you use the information, who you can share it with, and even whether you can continue to keep it.  In some cases, you can’t give choice.  If former employees ask you to delete their employment records, you might want to check with an HR lawyer first.

Of course, all of this depends on keeping data in an organized fashion.  Turn back to our series on Data Governance from a couple of weeks ago.

Tomorrow, we ask whether are devices are listening to us?

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

Episode #38 – 1/31/2019

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