The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 4 - What IT Training does your Management Staff Need?

Besides Security Awareness Training, what other training should the Management Team consider?

If you’ve been to a class that talked about strong passwords or staying safe on the internet, you attended Security Awareness Training.  That’s fine as far as it goes.  But management needs more.

Let’s say you’re responsible for your whole business and IT is a part of that.  You manage your IT investment to make sure it’s supporting your business objectives.  You’re considering whether to move to the cloud.  You’re wondering if your business applications will keep up with your growth.  And then there’s data privacy and security.  But you’re not an IT person – you’re running a business that requires IT.

Fortunately, you’re not the first person to travel this road.  The training you need falls in an area called “IT Governance and Management.”  In a nutshell, you’re matching your IT investment to your company’s goals.  You’re addressing risks, defining responsibilities, and establishing your good ideas as repeatable practice.

Your management team – the people who make decisions about your business – need deeper information here.  In many small and midsize firms, the folks making decisions about how your business operates are not normally trained in this.  If you don’t have a CIO, it’s not a bad idea to round out your executive education to help you manage your IT investment.

Episode #4 – 12/14/2018

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