The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 40 – What are IT audits and IT assessments?

IT Assessments.  IT Audits.  Are they the same thing?  What’s the difference?

You’re going to hear these terms tossed around a lot and people mix them up.  But your auditors are going to get mad if you start calling other work an audit.  And assessments serve a business purpose that auditors don’t claim.

They’re both important and they serve separate functions.  So, let’s sort it out.

An audit shows the world that your claims are correct.  These are my financial results.  Here’s why you should believe us.  We’re ISO compliant.  Look at our badge from the registrar.

An assessment analyzes your operations, compares it to your business objectives, and helps you work through the gaps. It’s a tool for aligning your investments with your business strategy.  A good assessment draws a map of the uncharted waters ahead.

In a classroom, the assessor would be the person helping you study for an exam.  The auditor would be the person grading the exam.

On a football field, the assessor would be the coach getting you ready to play.  The auditor would be the referee deciding whether you actually caught the ball.  Or really, the person in the booth watching the replay and making the decision five minutes later.

This week we’ll take a deeper look at both audits and assessments.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

Episode #40 – 2/4/2019

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