The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 43 – What should an IT assessment cover?

If you’re running the best boat dealership this side of Kentucky, you can be forgiven for not having a deep knowledge of IT.  Boat motors and computers are different technology, or at least they used to be.  So, how do you make those technology decisions? IT assessments measure against your business goals.  They combine a deep understanding of your business with a deep understanding of industry best practices.  You bring your business goals and the IT consultant brings the technology know-how. Assessments help you examine where you are today, where want to be in the future, and a cost-feasible path for getting there. A good IT assessment should examine several things.  It should start with your business goals and strategy, your key stakeholders, and the environment you operate in.  Are you risk-averse or do you challenge the status quo? It will look at the risks you have to take and the risks you could avoid. Are you taking risks for convenience that aren’t really making you any money? It will look at cybersecurity, yes, and any standards you are trying to meet.  It will look at efficiency and productivity, but more importantly, effectiveness.  Do your IT systems help you achieve the service delivery your customers desire? It will look at the maturity of your processes.  When an employee leaves, does their account get shut down on time every time? It will look at the lifecycle of your data.  Can you send the wrong document to the wrong people by mistake? I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

Episode #43 – 2/7/2019

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