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Episode 44 – What good is Voice Over IP (VOIP)?

It’s Friday and today’s question is about telephones.  What good is Voice over IP?

A quick review.  Telephones started with a couple of wires that carried your voice back to the central office and through switching equipment and amplifiers and whatever to the other person.  Like everything else, they’ve turned digital…just like your music on Spotify.

Okay, so what?  Well, digital voice can be turned into computer messages just like cat videos and Twitter arguments and everything else on the internet.

That’s interesting.  But we haven’t gotten to the magic yet.

In many businesses, there’s a piece of equipment called a PBX that costs you a bunch of money to buy and then a bunch more money to operate.  If the phone calls are now just computer messages, you may not need that piece of equipment.  They can handle it in the cloud.

But that’s just cost savings.  We still haven’t gotten to the magic yet.

If it’s all just computer connections in the cloud, your can make and receive calls from your desk phone no matter where you are.  That’s really good for people whose jobs take them out of the office a good bit.  You don’t use your cell phone number to place business calls. You use the same desk phone number you would in the office.

That’s the magic.  No, really.  Well, I thought it was magic.  Maybe we should fight about this on Twitter.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

Episode #44 – 2/8/2019

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