The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 48 – Who leads my IT tech?

In a well-functioning company, IT is not an island all to itself…no matter how much we technical folks like to treat it that way.  So who leads my IT tech?

This week we’ve been asking, “Should I fire my IT tech?” and I’ve said, “probably not. They’re the only one who knows all the passwords.”

Your IT tech may be more than a tech.  You may have a born CIO who can meld your business strategy to your IT investment.  These individuals do exist, and you’re in great shape if you have one.

More likely, your IT tech loves fiddling with the tech.  That’s why they’re an IT tech. Duh.  Your IT tech needs guidance.  They won’t discern your business strategy unless you take the time to tell them.

If you’re a giant company, your CIO gets to sit through all the committee meetings and turn business direction into concrete direction to the IT staff.  In a regular company, you’re lucky if you have time to even write down the business direction.

As a business manager, it’s tempting to fill that role yourself.  You may even know enough about IT to ask the right questions… in addition to your regular job.

A growing trend is to hire a Virtual CIO.  You don’t need and can’t afford a full-time CIO, but you can hire a fractional one.  Or you may contract out for an IT assessment.  We talked about those last week.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

Episode #48 – 2/14/2019

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