The MBA Guide to IT

Episode 55 – Should I move to the cloud?

I’ll admit it.  I like the cloud.  But it’s not right for all situations.  So, should you move to the cloud?

Back in the Paleozoic era when trilobites flourished, things were a lot simpler.  You bought a computer.  You bought (or wrote) some software for it.  And your business used it to get work done.

As the internet became faster and more reliable, software providers started to write their software differently.  Instead of tightly coupling them to the computer next door, they loosely coupled them to work over the web in your web browser.

Salesforce gets credit for being one of the first, big successes in this model.  They even had a “No Software” logo since you didn’t have to buy it and install it on a server.  This is Software as a Service.

But what if you still needed to run software yourself on a computer you controlled.  Again, as connections became faster and more reliable, you didn’t need a dedicated line to a datacenter you owned.  A new kind of service provider appeared that would set up a server for you in their datacenter.  This is Infrastructure as a Service.

Security is always a concern and the cloud makes it more, um, interesting.  Security is often shared between the provider and the subscriber which can either simplify or complicate matters.

This week, we’ll look at the Software as a Service model and also the Infrastructure as a Service model.  And we’ll weigh the security concerns with each alternative.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

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