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Episode 56 – Should I adopt Software as a Service?

It’s pretty common these days to subscribe to a cloud service for major business applications.  Is Software-as-a-Service right for my firm?

Software-as-a-Service, often abbreviated SaaS, is a pretty well established model.  Instead of purchasing software and installing it on a computer, you simply subscribe to a service and access it over the web.

When deciding whether to adopt such a business application, you’ll probably consider the feature set, the total cost of ownership, and security.

Features often win out.  If you ignore the implementation details, you may simply decide that Salesforce or Hubspot or Office 365 or Netsuite is the best choice for your business.  Since it’s in the cloud, you go to the cloud.

Price can be a factor though.  If you use a cloud based application, you’ll save on the hardware, power, and maintenance to keep everything running.  Of course application providers know this and charge you for the value they deliver.

Security is usually a shared model with large portions owned by the provider which can be good or bad.  Good if you can trust their cybersecurity architecture.  Bad if they get breached.  You still have responsibility for protecting user login and the PCs you use to connect with.

Security Monitoring can be an issue.  They may not give you the same event logs you would have if you were on your own equipment.

Tomorrow, we ditch the software and just look at the hardware.

I’m Carter Edmonds with 20CREEK.  We help you build IT you’ll brag about.

Episode #56 – 2/26/2019

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