The MBA Guide to IT

20CREEK has produced a series of 1-2 minute videos for the business manager who is running a business, not an IT department. Yet, the business depends on IT.
Episode 1 - Is Security Awareness Training Enough?
Episode 2 - Does My Firm Need Security Awareness Training?
Episode 3 - How do I provide Security Awareness Training?
Episode 4 - What IT Training does your Management Staff Need?
Episode 5 - How do I create an IT Budget?
Episode 6 - How do I avoid Deferred Maintenance?
Episode 7 - How often should I refresh my hardware?
Episode 8 - How often should I refresh my software?
Episode 9 - Can I use my dog's name as a password?
Episode 10 - How do I staff IT?
Episode 11 - Merry Christmas
Episode 12 - What kind of IT technician do I need?
Episode 13 - What IT security people do I need?
Episode 14 - How do I staff IT management?
Episode 15 - How do I manage IT risk?
Episode 16 - Happy New Year
Episode 17 - How do I evaluate IT risk?
Episode 18 - Should I accept or avoid an IT risk?
Episode 19 - Should I mitigate or transfer an IT risk?
Episode 20 - What is Data Governance?
Episode 21 - What is a Data Life Cycle?
Episode 22 - How do I make sure the right people have our data?
Episode 23 - How do I make sure the wrong people don't have our data?
Episode 24 - Why is it called The Cloud?
Episode 25 - How do I create an IT roadmap?
Episode 26 - How do I align the IT Roadmap with my Company Goals?
Episode 27 - How do external factors affect my IT Roadmap?
Episode 28 - What should I include in my IT Roadmap?
Episode 29 - Why is email so unsafe?
Episode 30 - What is triage in IT?
Episode 31 - How do I triage system instability?
Episode 32 - How do I triage security exposures?
Episode 33 - How do I triage customer roadblocks?
Episode 34 - What is artificial intelligence?
Episode 35 - What is Data Privacy Day?
Episode 36 - What is Information Privacy?
Episode 37 - Why isn't information private?
Episode 38 - How do I honor my customers' privacy?
Episode 39 - Are our devices listening to us?
Episode 40 - What are IT audits and IT assessments?
Episode 41 - What does an IT audit do?
Episode 42 - What does an IT assessment do?
Episode 43 - What should an IT assessment cover?
Episode 44 - What good is Voice Over IP (VOIP)?
Episode 45 - Should I fire my IT tech?
Episode 46 - Who supports my IT tech?
Episode 47 - What supports my IT tech?
Episode 48 - Who leads my IT tech?
Episode 49 - What is cryptography?
Episode 50 - What is a Cybersecurity plan?
Episode 51 - How does risk tolerance affect Cybersecurity?
Episode 52 - How does risk planning affect Cybersecurity?
Episode 53 - What are some good frameworks for managing Cybersecurity?
Episode 54 - What is Blockchain?
Episode 55 - Should I move to the cloud?
Episode 56 - Should I adopt Software as a Service?
Episode 57 - Should I adopt Infrastructure as a Service?
Episode 58 - Is it safe to move to the cloud?
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